Will a grand axis of India, China and Russia challenge the unipolar supremacy of the US? Elaborate your views. (150 Words)

After the end of cold war the American Hegemony has diluted the democratic essence in the world political structure (i.e) UN, WTO and other international affairs. The IRC triangle with immense potentials in terms of economic strength, human power, and technological development will really bring a democratic approach in world politics by challenging American hegemony.

However India a nation wedded to peace and non-alignment would participate in voicing for the developing and least developed nations along with Russia and China and not as an Anti-US element. The need of the hour is to reduce the centralization of power in international politics by lessening American domination and hence this axis (known as Primakov Triangle) just needs to be democratic and not anti-US.

It will stimulate the process of multi-polarism, which will be of far reaching significance for the international relations. These states are bound together by their shared interests in the fight against terrorism, push for a multipolar world, and respect for one another sovereignty and non- intervention.

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