What was the significance of the Prajamandal movements in the Indian States in the decade preceding India’s independence?. (100 Words).

The feudatory states suffered from the misrule of their chiefs. Being assured of British patronage, the feudatory chief did not pay any need to the welfare of the people. Appalling economic, political and social conditions prevailed in most of the states. Heavy taxation, illegal levies, forced labour/Bethi Labour system, and all other modes of exaction made the lives of toiling people nearly unbearable. These factors seeded the rise of Prajamandal movements in the Indian States. They condemned the tyrannical behaviour of most of the kings and mercilessly exposed the real, exploitative character of the feudatory administration.

  • They created awakening among the masses for the demand of self government and representation through elections.
  • Many congress leaders supported these movements and even Gandhi went on for Rajkot State.

The contribution of these movements was very significant in the integration of Indian states in Indian dominion.

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