What is the ‘Veto’ in the UN-system?. (150 words)

The UNSC is the most powerful organ of the UN. It is charged with maintaining peace and security between nations.  It is often described as the enforcement agency of UN.  The special voting right of the permanent members is called a “VETO” where a no vote by any permanent members defeat the question under consideration. If a permanent member abstains, it is not considered a veto.  This special voting power is given to prevent any clashes among the permanent 5 members, on any question and thus to make world peace possible in true sense. In a number of cases, the veto power has been misused by permanent members to further their own national interests. In the absence of veto, any confrontation among these nuclear powers would have endangered the world. This veto can be used in any substantive, important question in voting and not in procedural questions.

In procedural questions simple majority is required. But a procedural question can be turned into a substantive one by using “veto” and thus giving rise to “double veto” system.

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