What is the significance of P.A. Inamdar & Ors. vs. State of Maharashtra & Ors case?. (100 Words)

The Supreme Court delivered an unanimous judgement by 7 judges on August 12, 2005 in the case of P.A. Inamdar & Ors. vs. State of Maharashtra & Ors. declaring that the State can’t impose its reservation policy on minority and non-minority unaided private colleges, including professional colleges. All political parties without exception were unhappy with the Supreme Court’s recent judgement in the P.A. Inamdar case and there was a consensus among all political parties for amending the Constitution to impose the State’s reservation policies on the private unaided colleges too. The Government reacted very quickly by enacting 93rd amendment act with the intention of bringing all private institutions, whether aided or unaided, under the purview of the Government’s policies on reservation and fee structure.

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