What is the Human Genome Project? Discuss briefly its importance. (150 words)

Human genome project is a project aimed at deciphering all the three billion bases of the human genome, including mapping and sequencing every gene.

Significance of HGP

  • The Human Genome Project has been the catalyst for enormous advances in the development of technology. For example, the polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, invented in 1985 by a biochemist, Dr K. Mullis, enables a very small amount of DNA to be copied many times over.
  • The sequence of human genome will enable geneticists to cure the killer diseases like cancer.
  • It may enable us to understand more about the diseases and thereby to design drugs.
  • HGP aids in diagnosis of defective genes that cause disease.
  • As HGP may serve as a tool to Eugenical concept, scientists can create superior, disease free human beings in future.
  • It helps in somatic cell gene therapy and germ line gene therapy.
  • Understanding the human genome will have an enormous impact on the ability to assess risks posed to individuals by exposure to toxic agents and radiations.
  • Understanding the human genome will help us understand human evolution and the common biology we share with all of life.
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