What, according to the Supreme Court, constituted ‘The Basic Features’ which it upheld in cases known as (i) Keshavanand Bharati v/s State of Kerala (ii) Minerva Mills Case (1980)?. (150 words)

Keshavanand Bharati v/s State of Kerala

In the judgment of this case delivered on 24-04-1973 Chief Justice Sikri, indicated that the basic structure was:-

  1. A sovereign democratic republic form of government
  2. Equality of status and opportunity
  3. Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith & worship
  4. Maintenance of the separation of powers
  5. Maintenance of the Unity and Integrity of India
  6. The federal character of the constitutions
  7. The mandate to build a welfare state contained in the DPSP
  8. The provision of social , economic and political justice
  9. The secular character of the constitution
  10. The Supremacy of the constitution

Minerva Mills Case (1980)

    1. Limited Amending power of the Parliament
    2. Harmony and balance between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policys.
    3. Power of Judicial Review.
    4. Independence of Judiciary.
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