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The Mapilla rebellion of Malabar – Centenary Unrest?

In September 1921, Lord Reading, the British viceroy of India, received from an army general a most urgent telegram. “The situation,” warned the military man, “is now clearly actual war, and famine, widespread devastation and prolonged rebellion can only be avoided by prompt measures”. He was referring to the horrific communal uprising in Malabar, known […]

Should Andaman be opened to US, Japan to track Chinese submarine in IOR?.

The clash in Galwan between the Indian and Chinese armies and the subsequent military build-up by both sides has triggered the worst bout of tension between the two countries in decades. Interestingly, one domain of competition between India and China has seemingly been ignored in the din over the Galwan debate: The maritime arena. This […]

Sino – Indian Galwan flare-up

Galwan River and Valley are of strategic interest to both India and China. The latest skirmishes on the LAC emerge from China’s hegemonistic tendencies and desire to keep India away from Xinjiang-Tibet highway. Recently, 20 Indian Army personnel, including the Commanding Officer of 16th Bihar Regiment, lost their lives at the hands of Chinese troops in […]

Law on Attempt to Suicide in India – Analysis

Although section 309 in the IPC has provided punishment for the person who attempts to commit suicide, but still the no decrease in the suicide rate, in fact, it is increasing day by day. Soon after the suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, the conversation moved around the sensitivity with which issues surrounding mental health should be handled. However, one […]

What Is the TrueNat Test for COVID-19 in India?

The TrueNat is a chip-based RT-PCR test kit. Earlier, it was only being used as a screening test as it could just identify the E-gene in the novel coronavirus. Recently, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) approved the use of TrueNat machines, manufactured by a Goa-based company, for carrying out confirmatory tests for Covid-19 disease. Before that, these […]

India’s Ambitions at UNSC – A Mirage?

The UNSC is the most important organ of the United Nations. It decides issues of war and peace, and has a total of 15 members. Of these, the five permanent members wield veto powers: U.S., Russia, UK, and France—the victors of World War II—and late entrant China. Since 1945, the UNSC has been reformed only […]

Are Coal reforms important?.

India has taken a major decision to fully open the coal and mining sectors for competition, capital, participation and technology, says PM on the occasion of launch of auction of coal mines for commercial mining India, being a developing country, coal remains one of the most important indigenous energy resources and the dominant fuel for […]

Future of India-Nepal Relations

The relationship between India and Nepal is not an ordinary relationship. It is a relationship of roti aur beti. Once again, relations between India and Nepal have taken a turn for the worse. The immediate provocation is the long-standing territorial issue surrounding Kalapani, a patch of land near the India-Nepal border, close to the Lipulekh Pass on the India-China border, which is one of the approved points for […]

Ladakh standoff: Another Sino-Indian War?

Having seized the initiative by securing approximately 40-60 square km of Indian territory in three different areas, China will be negotiating from a position of strength and will try to impose unacceptable conditions–no further development of border infrastructure on the Indian side–to restore status quo on its own terms. If diplomacy fails, China has come […]

Farm loan waiver – Good politics? Bad economics?

Farm loan waiver is an easy tool; a promise by the politician to the farmer that their loans will be written off in exchange of votes; who wouldn’t like the idea of freebies? The winning politician then uses taxpayers’ money to repay these loans to banks, thus straining fiscal positions of state governments. Since banks […]