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Has India achieved Ambedkar’s social democracy?

Ambedkar’s major contribution to political thinking was to focus on the relevance of social democracy to political democracy. He believed that political progress would be impossible without a reformed and enlightened society. He also argued that only achieving political democracy is not sufficient but it should be taken a step ahead to the social level. […]

Convalescent-Plasma Therapy

What is convalescent-plasma therapy?: When a pathogen like novel coronavirus infects, our immune systems produce antibodies. Like the police dogs, the antibodies span out to identify and mark the invading virus. White blood cells attach the identified intruders, and the body gets rid of the infection. The therapy, like blood transfusion, harvests the antibody from a […]

Commercial Cord Blood Banking

Why in News Recently there has been growing concern regarding the aggressively promoted concept of cord blood banking. Key Points Over the past decade, stem cell banking has been aggressively marketed even as its use is still in experimental stages. The stem cell banking companies get access to data of to-be parents and start approaching […]