Review the ‘Dickie Bird Plan’. (150 Words)

Mountbatten’s first proposed solution for the Indian subcontinent, known as the ‘May Plan’ (Dickie Bird Plan/ Plan Balkan) was rejected by Congress leader Jawaharlal Nehru on the grounds it would cause the ‘balkanization of India’.

  • This plan was related to partition of and dominion status to India by the British Government.
  • This plan had a favorable feature that it proposed to transfer power immediately on the basis of dominion status so that not to wait till the enforcement of new constitution.
  • Though this plan refused any possibility of merger of Hyderabad with Pakistan but it provided for voting and plebiscite in the areas with Muslim majority in Western frontier districts. It also accepted that provinces coming under such provisions shall have right to decide their fate.
  • In this plan a base was prepared and pre-arrangement was drawn for the freedom of India and its partition.

This plan was, though not accepted, a picture of future that sowed seeds with necessary fertilizer in the minds of those leaders who wanted partition and created a fear among who opposed partition.

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