Present your views for and against the creation of an All India Judicial Service. (200 Words)

Article 312 of the Constitution provides for a national level judicial service.


  • Direct recruitment of judges from the entry level through an open competition by an independent and impartial agency would ensure fair selection of incumbents.
  • It would help attract bright and capable young law graduates to the judiciary to take over as judges.
  • The measure of uniformity in the standards for selection will improve the quality of personnel in Courts.
  • The quality of dispensation of justice will improve considerably right from the bottom to the top.
  • The objective of inducting an outside element in High Court benches can be achieved better and without any problem because a member of an all India judicial service will have no mental block about interstate transfers.


  • District judge coming from a different linguistic region will face the problem of language in assessing and tackling the critical legal and other issues of facts, which will affect the quality of justice.
  • The finances involved in the formation of such a judicial service pose a problem.

Such critiques however do not have sound base and positive features outweigh the negative issues as far as the creation of All India Judicial Services is concerned.

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