“Political boundaries and regional boundaries need to be co-terminus.:” Do you agree?. (150 Words)

  • Boundaries mean frontiers of states, between states and countries. Political boundaries may expand to less or more than the regional boundaries.
  • Political boundary shows the area of administration under one government, demarcated either geographically or politically. While the regional boundary is a geographical concept of boundaries which divides areas of landmass.
  • It can be said that while partitioning any country or state the cultural aspects should be taken into consideration. Unification of cultural integrity is required to maintain political boundary safely.
  • The political boundaries may cover areas very far from the region under administration also.
  • Regional boundaries are places where those features or characteristics change. Regions can be large or small. A region can be defined as a geographic area that has some consistent features or characteristics throughout.

Hence it is not considered to be necessary to co-terminate political and regional boundaries.

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