Raja Sir’s Personalized Online Learning (POLC)

It certainly makes a huge difference when it comes to preparing for competitive exams that too for exams like UPSC Civil Services Exam considered to be the most tough exam in the country.Quite unlike the traditional modes of distance learning, Raja Sir’s POLC lays great emphasis on enhanced efficiency, student motivation and improved results.

Raja Sir’s POLC provide you the most consistent, Systematic, UPSC Tuned course to transform your competitive proficiency so that individual understands the nuances of UPSC Demands.

Well Profiled Faculties deliver the following

  • High quality video classes
  • Comprehensive Syllabus Coverage
  • Module-based Coaching Program
  • Most Updated GS Study Materials (The booklets will be sent by courier/speed post)
  • Monthly Test (with special focus on Current Affairs)
  • Answer Writing Skill Practice Classes
  • Expertise Lecture Series for Optional Subjects – Political Science and International Relations & Sociology
  • Essay Engineering Sessions

Special Features of Raja Sir’s POLC:

  • Recorded Class will be available till the next class.
  • Class Notes will be dictated as and when it is vital on a regular basis.
  • Personalized mentorship guidance
  • Periodical Personal Session with Raja Sir 
  • Everyday Mentors’ support available (Through WhatsApp)
  • Regular classes on Current Affairs
  • Transfer from online to offline allowed (upon paying the difference fee)
  • Prelims Test Series Included
  • Mains Test Series available at a discounted fee
  • Updation support, including Materials and Tests, available for the students who are willing to give the attempt later.

We started our journey from Delhi as Distance Learning Course since 2005. Few Senior Aspirants initiated this startup.  Those who had initiated have later got in to Civil Services. Till  Mid 2009 we were doing Postal Coaching [Based at Delhi] for UPSC CIVIL SERVICES EXAM. We even had three outlets to sell our study materials at Delhi  namely 1. Bharat Book Center opp to JNU. 2. Jawahar Book Center opp TO JNU    3.Hari Om Book center in Mukherjee Nagar. We had students right from Kanyakumari, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Jammu and almost every length and breadth of India.

From around June 2009, we started conducting classes at Chennai. Just to mention Please click the link and see our history – https://mrunal.org/2012/05/topper-neha-185-2011.html. [Neha Nautiyal (AIR 185/CSE 2011) working professional cracks UPSC with the help of our Study Materials. She is our Postal Course Student.

The programme focus on General Studies – (Prelim cum Main), Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT-II), Optional Subjects – Political Science and International Relations, Sociology. We conduct classroom coaching only at Anna Nagar, Chennai.

IAS GOOGLE is our in-house monthly magazine specially prepared to cover current affairs related areas for both General Studies (Prelim cum Main) & Optional Subjects – Political Science and International Relations, Sociology.

TEST SERIES with highly probable questions that closely get reflected in UPSC Civil Services Exam from is our BRAND WAGON in fact. Our comprehensive and in-depth ‘productive’ Postal / Class Room Test Series program caters only to serious IAS Aspirants. Only faculties will evaluate the answer sheets and not the senior aspirants as it happens with other institutes. Since we have limited strength our faculty team will spend quality time to read answers perfectly.

The study material as provided to students covers the comprehensive syllabus and follows the latest exam pattern.

– Every Fortnight Students can speak to Faculty for 30 Minutes with prior appointment.
– Students can write answers for the tests and send it to us. We will evaluate within 10 working days of receipt and send it back to the students,
Students can write answers for the tests and send it to us. We will evaluate within 10 working days of receipt and send it back to the students,
Other Information:
  1. Delivery in India only. For International Delivery Special Charges apply. You can confirm this by sending whatsapp to 9884554654.
  2. The fee mentioned above for the respective material is inclusive of GST& Postal charges.
  3. After payment is approved, we take a week to process the first shipment.
  4. Study material is available in English only.
  5. Material bought at the institute and delivered by hand would have to be picked up from the institute periodically, when it is ready.

How to join Raja Sir’s POLC?.

Fees – Rs. 1,80,000/- [ Indian Rupees One Lakh and Eighty Thousands Only] – For Full Course – General Studies (Prelims cum Mains) + Optional Subject – Political Science and International Realtions [or] Sociology

There are three options to pay the fee for the Raja Sir’s Distance Learning Course for UPSC Civil Services Exam:-

  1. Online Transfer toAccount NAME – Cracking IAS Academy.
    CURRENT ACC – 6606862362.
    IFSC CODE – IDIB000A025. [INDIAN BANK]Download and fill the respective application form. Click here to download the form, and mail it to rajsirias@gmail.com after filling duly.OR
  2. Google Pay – 9962417418.
  3. Students can also opt to pay at Our office at
    No 96A, 4 th Avenue, AF- Block, Anna nagar West Chennai 600 040

Terms & Conditions.

  1. Online Application will include additional Internet handling charges other than GST and postal charges. Failure to transact payment is the concern of your debit/credit card bank.
  2. During the online payment, if the payment has been approved by your bank, but the transaction does not show successful confirmation, then your payment will be refunded to your debit/credit card account within 15 working days automatically. Please treat this type of transaction as non-payment and no study material will be issued against such transaction.

Use transaction reference no. for any further query.

For any query regarding postal coaching kindly email rajasirias@gmail.com.