On what grounds the Legislative Councils are justified? How is it created or abolished in a State?.(250 words)

Justification For Legislative Council’s In State

  • As it is composed of representative having specialized knowledge it helps in ensuring the merits of government policies & decisions.
  • As its members are not politically motivated, they can act neutrally.
  • As it is a permanent house, it provides for stability of Legislature.
  • It provides a thought on the reconsideration or revision of the hasty, defective and careless legislations.

Creation or Abolition of Legislative councils

Article 169 provides a mechanism for it. Parliament may create or abolish it if the State Legislative Assembly passes a resolution to that effect. To pass such resolution, majority of the total membership of the Assembly and the majority of not less than 2/3 rd of the members present and voting is necessary.

After the resolution has been passed by the State Legislative Assembly, Parliament will pass a law by a simple majority to create or abolish the legislative council in the State concerned.

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