“NAM is relevant in Unipolar World as well”. Comment. (200 words)

Some seismic and cataclysmic changes have taken place in global politics since 1987. In the changed and fast changing global political arena – end of cold war, demise of socialist bloc (natural allies of NAM), the sweeping tides of globalization, emergence of market economy, the question has been posed as to whether NAM remains relevant or not.

Notwithstanding all such criticisms NAM has become more relevant than ever before in this new era of American Hegemony. The domination of any single country was not what the non-aligned nations have thought for. NAM was aimed at establishing a world order based on peace, security, justice, freedom and development. These issues are equally relevant even today when the bipolar world has ceased to exist.

       Hard earned momentum of the post – cold war era continues to be arrested by the frustrating waves of recession and terrorism, ethnic strife and complex conflicts and religious intolerance were the hard realities of the present day world.  In fact, the end of the cold war has not ended the sufferings of the world community. The September 11 attack on the World Trade Centre in New York has opened the eyes of the powerful nations that they too are no longer safe in this world full of economic disparity and injustice.

And hence though the world may be unipolar or bipolar, non alignment as foreign policy option will remain valid. Non alignment is a policy and posture of universal relevance, validity and applicability.

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