How can India accommodate her foreign policy principle of ‘non-intervention’ with the emerging right to ‘intervention’?. (250 Words)

India’s Foreign Policy is a statement of that values it stands for and the role it takes upon itself to project to the world. Our policy goals are the product of our tradition of tolerance, non-violence, secularism and democracy. During the formative years, Jawaharlal Nehru carefully carved out the outlines of India’s Foreign policy assessing the emerging global realities of cold war politics. He formulated the PANCHASHEEL to guide our foreign policy.

     However India’s foreign policy has been and is being influenced by both external and internal environments. There is a clear shift from “moral speak” to “real politics” which necessitates India to reorient its foreign policy as it is imperative for achieving “Strategic autonomy” in the context of our post – independence bitter experiences.

     However in evolving the components of its national interests, India attempted a synthesis of nationalism and internationalism, a combination which gave much of the positive content to the concept of Non- intervention.

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