Highlight the significance of Forty Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of India. (150 words)

1978 – 44th Amendment

This was enacted by the Janata Government mainly to nullify some of the distortions introduced by the 42nd amendment act 1976.

  1. Original term: of Lok Sabha and State Legislative Assembly was restored.
  2. Provision for Quorum: in the Parliament and State Legislature was restored.
  3. 352: The term “internal disturbance” was replaced by “armed rebellion”.
  4. National Emergency: has to be declared by the President only on the writer recommendation of the cabinet.
  5. Right to Property: was deleted from the list of FRs and it was made only a legal right.
  6. Fundamental Rights: granted by Art. 20 and 21 cannot be suspended during a national emergency.
  7. Election Disputes: Omitted the provisions which took away the power of the court to decide the election disputes of the president, the vice-President, the Prime-Minister and the Speaker of the Lok Sabha.
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