Feb 16, 2021 – Daily Quiz

1.Consider the following statements regarding “Anthracite coal” and identify the correct ones:

(i) It is the highest quality coal with 90-95% carbon.

(ii) It has the lowest calorific value.

(iii) It burns slowly leaving a blue smoke-less flame.

(a) Only i                             (b) Only ii

(c) i and iii                           (d)  i , ii and iii

2. Condensation is a process which occurs when:

(a) Specific humidity equals relative humidity

(b) Relative humidity becomes 100% or more

(c) Temperature falls below 0°C

(d) Absolute humidity equals relative humidity

3. Consider the following statements regarding ” Torrefaction” :

(i) It is an indigenous technology to convert rice stubble into bio-coal.

(ii) It can be a solution to stubble burning in Indian agricultural fields.

(a) Only i is right                                     (b) Only ii is right

(c) Both i and ii are right                         (d) Neither i nor ii is right

4. Which of the following organisms can be hunted under Wildlife Protection Act 1972?

(i) Monkeys

(ii) Common crow

(iii) Mice

(iv) Common Krait

(a) Only i and iii                                (b) Only ii, iii and iv

(c) Only i, iii and iv                           (d) Only ii and iii

5. Which of the following products are covered under “Operation Greens”? 

(i) Tomato

(ii) Oil seeds

(iii) Onion

(iv) Potato

(v) Pulses

(a) ii, iii and iv only                             (b)  i , iii and iv only

(c) i and ii only                                   (d) i, ii and iii only



1. (c) Being the highest quality coal, anthracite has the highest calorific value.

2. (c)

3. (b) It is a Swedish technology

4. (d) Common crow, mice, rats and fruit bats can be hunted under WPA 1972.

5. (b) https://mofpi.nic.in/Schemes/operation-greens

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