Feb 15, 2021 – Daily Quiz

1.Consider the following statements regarding “Kayasanur Forest Disease (KFD)” and identify the correct ones:

(i) It is a fungal disease.

(ii) It is zoonotic in nature.

(iii) The disease is closely associated with elephant deaths in the Karnataka region.

(a) Only i is right                             (b) Only ii is right

(c) i and ii are right                         (d)  i , ii and iii are right.

2. When sunlight falls on solar panels, it produces

(i) Alternating Current (AC)

(ii) Direct Current (DC)

(a) i only                        (b) ii only

(c) Both i and ii              (d) Neither i nor ii

3. Arrange the following in decreasing order of total installed capacity of electricity:

(i) Central sector

(ii) Private sector

(iii) State sector

(a) ii > i > iii                                      (b) i > ii > iii

(c) iii > i> ii                                       (d) ii > iii > i

4. Which of the following statements about “emission intensity” is/are right?

(i) Reduction in emission intensity means reduced pollution per unit of GDP

(ii) Reduction in emission intensity means reduction in total emissions

(a) Only i                                 (b) Only ii

(c) Both i and ii                       (d) Neither i nor ii

5. Which of the following statements regarding ” Globular clusters” are correct?

(i) They are loosely packed collection of ancient stars

(ii) They help astronomers estimate the age of universe

(iii) Omega centauri is the largest globular cluster associated with our Milky way galaxy

(iv) Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

(a) i and iii only                             (b)  ii and iii only

(c) i and ii only                              (d) i, ii and iii



1. (b) https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/kerala/kyasanur-forest-disease-under-check-in-wayanad/article31070796.ece

2. (a)

3. (a)

4. (a)

5. (b) https://www.space.com/black-holes-globular-cluster-hubble-telescope

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