Feb 11, 2021 – Daily Quiz

1.Consider the following statements regarding “Sahel region” :

(i) It is a large stretch of semi-arid, rocky belt in African continent.

(ii) It stretches from Senegal on the west to Eritrea on the East.

(iii) It marks the transition between fertile south and sandy desert in the north.

(a) only i is right         (c) i and ii are right

(b) only ii is right        (d) i,ii and iii  are right

2. Read the following statements and identify the tribe community being referred to:

(i) They are mostly semi-nomadic tribes of Ladakh.

(ii) They raise Cashmere goat which yield the finest quality wool.

(iii) They practice transhumance.

(a) Balti tribe               (c) Dogra tribe

(b) Bakawal tribe        (d) Changpa tribe

3. Consider the following statements regarding “phishing” which is often in news. Which of the following is/are correct? 

(i) It is a type of cyber fraud aimed at stealing critical personal information

(ii) The traitors pretend to be from reputable companies

(iii) It always happens through e-mail.

(a) i and iii only

(b) ii and iii only

(c) i and ii only

(d) i, ii and iii

4. “mCessation” which was recently in news refers to

(a) A technology to remove space debris

(b) A technology for safe termination of pregnancy.

(c) A technology initiative for tobacco de-addiction

(d)  none

5. The Ashram system remained prevalent in ancient India:

(a) Only during the vedic age

(b) Upto the period of Mauryas

(c) Upto the period of Guptas

(d) All throughout



1. (d) – https://www.deccanherald.com/international/world-news-politics/explained-the-sahel-region-and-why-it-is-so-important-930951.html

2. (d) https://www.hindustantimes.com/india/pashmina-goats-dying-of-cold/story-0nCRyKiv2ddsfbMxGooHWN.html

3. (c) Phishing can also happen over voicecall and SMS.

4. (c)

5. (d)


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