Feb 10, 2021 – Daily Quiz

1.Consider the following statements regarding the original jurisdiction of Supreme court of India.

(i) Questions involving existence/extent of legal right is included.

(ii) Questions of political nature are excluded

(a) only I is right        (c) I and ii are right

(b) only ii is right        (d) I and ii are wrong

2. Which of the following statements regarding Eco Sensitive Zones(ESZs) is correct :

(i) It included areas upto 10 Kms only around protected areas.

(ii) Felling of trees is prohibited in ESZ.

(iii) Agricultural or horticultural practices are prohibited

(a) i and iii only              (c) 2 only

(b) ii and iii only            (d) 1 only

3. “Hope” mission which was recently in news refers to:

(a) 1st man-made object to enter interstellar space

(b) UAE’s 1st Lunar probe

(c) UAE’s 1st Mars probe

(d) A  nano satellite by Japan

4. Caste is NOT characterised by

(a) Endogamy          (c) Division of labour

(b) Equity                 (d) Heredity

5. Consider the following statements regarding “FASTag” and identify the correct statement/s.

(i) It enables automatic deduction at Toll plazas without stopping vehicles.

(ii) It functions using Ultrasonic Frequency Identification (UFID)

(iii) It requires line of sight between transmitter and receiver

(a) i and ii only          (c) iii only

(b) i and iii only         (d) ii and iii only



1. (c)

2. (c)

3. (c)

4. (b)

5. (b) https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/wealth/personal-finance-news/govt-plans-to-make-fastag-mandatory-for-buying-third-party-vehicle-insurance-from-april-1-2021/articleshow/77913118.cms


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