Feb 09, 2021 – Daily Quiz

1.Consider the following statements regarding Constitution bench in Judiciary:

(i) It is the largest bench of Supreme Court of India

(ii) It takes up cases referred to it by the President

(iii) It comprises more than 50% of the available strength of judges

(a) only i is right         (c) i and ii are right

(b) only ii is right        (d) i, ii and iii are right

2. Which of the following statements about Harappan civilization is NOT correct :

(a) The inhabitants knew the use of geometrical designs

(b) In Lothal, the inhabitants never used burnt bricks for construction

(c) The inhabitants knew the game of dice

(d) In Kalibangan, most of the construction was done using mud bricks

3. Right to internet access in India is a :

(a) Statutory right

(b) Constitutional right

(c) Fundamental right

(d) Legal right

4. Which Mughal emperor prohibited the use of tobacco?

(a) Jahangir               (c) Babur

(b) Aurangazeb         (d) Muhammad Shah

5. “Cyclone- 30” which was recently in news, is :

(a) The biggest cyclone visited India in 2018

(b) The biggest cyclotron in India for medical application

(c) The longest range intercontinental Agni VI missile

(d) The most powerful supercomputer launched by India



1. (c)

2. (b)

3. (c)

4. (a)

5. (b)


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