Explain how the Himalayan and the Tibetan highlands play an important role in the development of the South West monsoon. (150 Words)

  • Himalayas form a natural boundary of the Indian Sub continent. Himalayas check the cold winds from Central Asia and prevents moisture laden winds from crossing to North.
  • As the Sun travels northwards there is change in wind circulation pattern both in lower and upper troposphere. At lower level due to the heating of land an Equatorial Low Pressure Zone is formed known as ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone) which is formed approximately parallel to the Himalayas. This zone determines the monsoon rain pattern in North India.

Due to the heating of Himalayas and Tibetan Highland, Easterly jet stream originates and generates tropical depression because Tibetan Highland and Himalayas are heated by Sun radiations. These radiations are reflected back to the atmosphere, which help in generation of clockwise air circulation in the upper troposphere resulting in development of tropical depression. The intensity of South-West monsoon depends upon generation of these tropical depressions and formation ITCZs. The more tropical depression originates, the more intense will be the South-West monsoon.

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