Evaluate the attitudes of different political parties towards Quit India Movement. (150 Words)

Response of political parties towards Quit India Movement.

  • The Muslim League kept aloof though many Muslims did participate. The league gave the call “Divide and Quit”.
  • The Hindu Mahasabha condemned the Movement.
  • The Communist Party of India due to its “People’s War” line did not support the movement. The CPI after the removal of the ban on it in July 1942 had supported the League’s demand for Pakistan and the war efforts of the Government. The CPI demanded its withdrawal when Russia joined the allies in the war.
  • The trend of underground revolutionary activity also started during this phase. Jaya prakash Narain and Ramnandan Misra escaped from Hazaribagh Jail and organized an underground movement. Socialists like J.P.Narayan, R.M.Lohia, Aruna Asaf Ali and Usha Mehta were involved in underground revolutionary activities. The socialists formed a 12-point program and tried to implement it in rural areas. They set up a Central Directorate in Bombay and a parallel guerilla organization known as AZAD DASTA with its branches all over India. Usha Sharma started an underground radio station at Bombay. Sucheta kriplani formed a Satyagraha Samiti. Akali Dal also opposed the Quit India Movement.

Some Congress leaders like Rajaii were openly in favour of the partition of India and against the Quit India movement.

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