Discuss the role of ‘intelligence’ in the making of foreign policy. (150 Words)

  • Intelligence means ability to get information which has been concealed by the opposite party.
  • Government intelligence is usually assigned to intelligence agencies, often with large, secret budgets. These use a variety of techniques to obtain information, ranging from secret agents to electronic intercepts to specialized technical methods.
  • Intelligence is essential for government policy formation and operations; it is a policy matter for individual governments whether while usually associated with warfare, intelligence can also be used to preserve peace.
  • Changing dimensions of terrorism and economic compulsions of globalised era have raised the need for intelligence.

Today, informed knowledge about external threats to the nation, the fight against terrorism, a country’s strategic outreach, its geopolitically-derived sense of its national interest, and the way in which it articulates and projects its presence on the international stage, are all intertwined, and are inseparable from its internal dynamics. There can no longer be a watertight division between intelligence and policy-making, external intelligence and internal reality, foreign policy and domestic society. Indeed even the very image of our intelligence apparatus contributes to the way India is perceived abroad.

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