Discuss the major extra-constitutional factors influencing the working of federal polity in India.(250 Words)

The Indian Federal system based on the “Canadian Model” has many constitutional provisions which is tilting towards the centre. Despite these, there are also certain other extra-Constitutional factors which influence the working of federal polity in India.

  1. Regionalism: Sons of Soil theory has led to the mushrooming of regional political parties which stress much on regional independence at the cost of national integrity and federalistic principles.
  2. NITI Ayog an Extra – Constitutional body: has encroached on the autonomy of the states diluting the federal substance. Generally the plan reflects the ideology and principles of the ruling party at the centre, paying little attention to the genuine demands of regional needs.
  3. Ethnic issues: The ethnic tension due to linguistic, communalistic and casteist issues of political dominations seriously hamper the smooth functioning of Federal polity in India.
  4. Uneven Socio-economic development: due to various geo-economic reasons create a suspicion on the central government’s attitude. For example: North Eastern region has many geo-economic factors like practice of Jhuming etc.., which despite many proactive policy measures, prevent the development of the region.

These are the major extra-constitutional factors that influence the working of federal polity in India.

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