Discuss the importance of Indian Ocean for India?. (250 words)

India is situated at the North Middle of the Indian ocean. The Indian ocean makes three boundaries of India and delivers it many benefits in economic, climatic and geo-strategic concerns.

Economical Advantages:

  • India having a long coast line of about 7500km can benefit from the exclusive Economic zone.
  • Delivers advantages of fishing, coastal vegetation etc.
  • In Jan. 1981 Indian scientists collected minerals packed nodules in the western Indian Ocean and India had been accorded the “Pioneer Investor Status” in sea bed mining, thus entering deep sea bed activity area.
  • The major routes connecting east and west part of the world pass through Indian Ocean and India is mid destination for these routes.
  • After the opening of Suez Canal, the way to Europe passes through the Indian Ocean, obviously making Indian position commercially important.

Climatic Advantages:

  • It keeps the climate of the southern India moderate and gives most of the rain of India through the South-West Monsoon.

Geo-Political Significance:

  • Indian Ocean is India’s backyard and is hence, natural and desirable for India to function as the leader in this region.
  • “Whoever controls the Indian Ocean will dominate Asia… in the 21st century” said Admiral Mahan in 1890. Being at the head of Indian Ocean, India deserves this position.

Thus the lack of islands in the North Indian Ocean and the absence of any other country around its shores with Natural Resources and Population comparable to that of India it most significant among the countries fringing Indian Ocean.

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