Discuss the factors responsible for the rise of regionalism in India. How does it influence the political system?. (250 words)

The emergence of regional groupings in a complex pluralistic society like India is inevitable. The major factors like uneven development, socio – economic exploitation, lingual domination and Sons of the soil theory have led to the growth of regionalism.

Effects of Regionalism on Indian Polity

  • Territorial Integrity is at Stake
  • Increasing Inter – State Disputes over various issues such as River water sharing, territorial border disputes, linguistic isolation, etc.
  • Armed Insurrection in Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, etc has seriously disturbed public order.
  • Coalition politics due to absence of majority governments has created situations of political instability in India.

What could be done?

  • Empowerment of people socio-economically as well as politically.
  • Checking the proliferation of Religious and Regional groupings that propagate prophecies of separation.
  • Invoking sufficient self-pride in regional sub-units without, in any way, diluting the sense of national honor and allegiance.

            Center and States must work in full understanding, strictly on the basis of the guidelines that the Farmers of the constitution laid down and protect the integrity and unity of our nation.

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