Differentiate and state the significance of general election, mid-term election and bye-election. (150 words)

S.No. General Election Mid-Term Election Bye-Election
1 It is held when the legislature complete its term of five years. If the govt. falls due to lack of confidence in the Lok Sabha or the State Legislative Assembly before completion of its full term and no alternative govt. is possible, mid-term election are held It is held in case of vacation of any seat during the term of legislature. It may be by death, resignation or cancellation of election by the election commission or such other reasons.
2 Members of Legislature are elected through this. It costs a huge amount. Due to the lack of absolute majority & frequent defections these have become a necessity. It causes undesired burden on financial positions of the nation. It is essential to fill the vacancy and some times it becomes necessary due to the intentional political reasons.
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