Can the discretionary role of Lieutenant Governor be like a State Governor?.(250 Words)

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Discuss the major extra-constitutional factors influencing the working of federal polity in India.(250 Words)

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Examine the demand for greater State-autonomy and also its impact on the smooth functioning of the Indian polity. (250 Words)

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How does Parliament control the Union Executive? How effective is its control?. (250 Words)

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Why does the Constitution of India provide different forms of Oaths for the President, the Ministers, the legislators and the members of the judiciary? Discuss their significance.. (250 Words)

Oath/ Affirmation binds the designated authority to do his duties well and to be faithful to the constitution. As the ... Read More

How is the Constitution of India amended? Do you think that the procedure for amendment makes the Constitution a play-thing in the hands of the Centre? (250 Words)

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Review the ‘Dickie Bird Plan’. (150 Words)

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How transgenic plants are different from hybrid plants and what is their relevance in modern agriculture? Elaborate.. (250 Words)

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Describe the sources of ionizing and non-ionizing radiations and their effects on the biotic components of the atmosphere.. (250 Words)

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What is the significance of the geostationary orbit? What would happen if it becomes too crowded?. (250 Words)

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Evaluate the attitudes of different political parties towards Quit India Movement. (150 Words)

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Explain the doctrine of colourable legislation and legislative accountability.. (250 Words)

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How can India accommodate her foreign policy principle of ‘non-intervention’ with the emerging right to ‘intervention’?. (250 Words)

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