Critically assess Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru’s views on Indian Nationalism. (150 words)

  • He had a liberalist attitude towards Indian National freedom movement. He along with C.Y.Chintamani, Tej Bahadur Sapru, Srinivasa Shastri and S.N.Banerjee formed the Indian Liberal Party.
  • Under the influence of Gokhale, he believed in constitutional means of agitation.
  • He wanted to accept Jinnah’s proposals and concede some more seats to him, if peace and agreement could be procured through it. He mediated between Congress and Muslim league.
  • He wanted India as a federation of the whole territorial units, under the British rule by Indian constitution. Thus he stressed on national unity.
  • As a liberal leader he favored formation of interim government and he opposed creation of “Pakistan” as a separate state.
  • He always tried to make Indian National movement more participatory in nature.
  • He defended the Indian National Army Officers.
  • Indian Press Act – 1910 – revived the worst features of the Vernacular Press Act. It was scrapped in 1921 on the recommendations of Tej Bahadur Sapru Committee. Thus he stood for freedom of press.

His national spirit was thus deeply filled with deep patriotism.

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