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Can the discretionary role of Lieutenant Governor be like a State Governor?.(250 Words)

A state governor receives “aid and advice” from a council of ministers. He may not accept such advice and his discretion is not amenable to challenge. The LG does not enjoy similar discretion. After receiving aid and advice from Delhi’s council of ministers under Article 239AA(4), the LG may or may not agree. If he […]

Discuss the major extra-constitutional factors influencing the working of federal polity in India.(250 Words)

The Indian Federal system based on the “Canadian Model” has many constitutional provisions which is tilting towards the centre. Despite these, there are also certain other extra-Constitutional factors which influence the working of federal polity in India. Regionalism: Sons of Soil theory has led to the mushrooming of regional political parties which stress much on […]

Examine the demand for greater State-autonomy and also its impact on the smooth functioning of the Indian polity. (250 Words)

The experience of more than six decades of Independence has demonstrated that tendencies of over-centralization and authoritarianism weaken the fabric of Indian unity and that there is a clear need for federalism and de-centralization. The demand for State autonomy arose in a context where people and political parties in various States felt crammed in and […]

How does Parliament control the Union Executive? How effective is its control?. (250 Words)

It is the function of Parliament to exercise political and financial control over the Executive and to ensure parliamentary surveillance of administration. The mechanisms by which both the organs are interrelated are as follows:- Executive Responsibility Art 75(3) of the constitution places collective responsibility of the Executive to Lok Sabha. Lok sabha can remove the […]

Why does the Constitution of India provide different forms of Oaths for the President, the Ministers, the legislators and the members of the judiciary? Discuss their significance.. (250 Words)

Oath/ Affirmation binds the designated authority to do his duties well and to be faithful to the constitution. As the President – The President is the head of the state and all functions of the country are performed in his name. His ordinance making power confers him the role of a legislator. He also has […]

How is the Constitution of India amended? Do you think that the procedure for amendment makes the Constitution a play-thing in the hands of the Centre? (250 Words)

A constitutional amendment bill is passed by either one of the following ways:- Simple majority of parliament – Both the houses pass the bill by simple majority. Special majority of parliament – Both the houses need to pass the bill by 2/3rd majority of the members present and voting and by majority of the total […]

Review the ‘Dickie Bird Plan’. (150 Words)

Mountbatten’s first proposed solution for the Indian subcontinent, known as the ‘May Plan’ (Dickie Bird Plan/ Plan Balkan) was rejected by Congress leader Jawaharlal Nehru on the grounds it would cause the ‘balkanization of India’. This plan was related to partition of and dominion status to India by the British Government. This plan had a […]

How transgenic plants are different from hybrid plants and what is their relevance in modern agriculture? Elaborate.. (250 Words)

A genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO) or transgenic organism is a Plant, animal, bacterium, or other living organism that has had a foreign gene added to it by means of genetic engineering. The transgenic condition is achieved by injecting the foreign gene into the fertilized egg or into embryonic cells. The […]

Describe the sources of ionizing and non-ionizing radiations and their effects on the biotic components of the atmosphere.. (250 Words)

Features Ionizing radiations Non-ionizing radiations Definition Ionizing radiation consists of highly-energetic particles or waves that can detach (ionize) at least one electron from an atom or molecule. Non-ionizing radiation (or, esp. in British English, non-ionising radiation) refers to any type of electromagnetic radiation that does not carry enough energy per quantum to ionize atoms or […]

What is the significance of the geostationary orbit? What would happen if it becomes too crowded?. (250 Words)

A geostationary orbit is one in which a satellite orbits the earth at exactly the same speed as the earth turns and at the same latitude, specifically zero, the latitude of the equator. A satellite orbiting in a geostationary orbit appears to be hovering in the same spot in the sky, and is directly over […]